The Golden Window to Recovery

Goldie Health empowers response teams to save and support those in acute opioid crisis.

Opioids are incredibly addictive and overdoses are all too common due to synthetic opioids in the drug supply.  Intervening in the golden window, up to 72 hours after an overdose, opens a critical opportunity to provide evidence based care.

An important part of intervening is to remove barriers to care especially for those patients ready to break the addiction cycle. Opioid response teams are multi-disciplinary field teams which rapidly link patients to treatment and services. Goldie supports these teams.

Goldie Empowers

Opioid Response Teams

Goldie is a workflow automation and performance benchmarking tool for opioid response teams and other mobile-integrated healthcare workers.

Supported Teams

Peer support specialists, community paramedics, 
and others use Goldie for their day-to-day work like coordinating care and documenting encounters.


Goldie generates dashboards to fulfill reporting requirements for grants, opioid settlement funding, and team benchmarking.

Tech Enabled

Goldie's features help find, support, and stay engaged with participants.  Automation simplifies referrals to clinical and social services.

HIPAA and 42 CFR compliant

Goldie provides fully compliant data sharing and communication among field employees and social service providers. Goldie offers a fully managed software platform ensuring patient data is secure.

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Formed using a venture studio model and founded in the oldest state college in the country, Goldie emerged from community collaboration and research into best practices. Goldie was made possible through top academic, clinical, innovation, and technology partners.
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